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Richard Healey Removals Ltd founded in 1965, by Richard (Snr) and still in his & the familys safe hands! Thats why the business has successfully expanded over the years yet maintained the family values & service our loyal customers have grown to expect!

Celebrating 50 years specialising in commercial and domestic removals throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow & the UK wide & recently europe too!, Despite numerous awards & accreditations our most important goal is and always will be to maintain the high standard ensuring we earn your loyalty & referals for a further 50 years of success!

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Often the most time consuming stressful & tedious part of relocating to your new home is the packing & unpacking of your personal belongings and priceless valuables

So many different shapes, sizes and awkward fragile items to be packed, the good news is Richard Healey Removals Ltd will handle everything for you.

We offer a variety of packing options to work around you, your home surveyor will work with you to tailor a packing service to fit in with your busy schedule in advance of your move, the day before or even on the day of the move.

Rest assured our crew are fully trained and more importantly experienced in the art of packing, making use of the packing materials supplied by RHR. Known for our absolute care in packing every item at your premises. We go to great lengths to ensure that all items are well protected. Of course although we are carrying out the full packing of your home we will on request supply boxes in advance should you prefer to pack some personal items, or indeed for clearing out.

  • Full Packing
  • China and glass
  • Books and utensils
  • Clothes
  • Artwork & other specialist items

Insurance & Protection

Insurance and liability cover options can vary from mover to mover or at least the terminology can, although generally most offer the same option, just explained and sold differently, we have made it simple! Of course as always with insurance and liability covers the terms and conditions are important and as such are attached to your quotation. Richard Healey Removals Ltd are an experienced well established mover, we have given you this easy options guide and hope this will assist you in making the right choice for you!



Standard liability is where we extend ourliability to cover your goods while in our care, subject to limitations. Maximum single item/damage value £40, total loss cover up to £50k subject to declaration. This works well for clients who are covered through building & contents insurance, protecting your own policy against small minor claims at one end of the scale-and should their be a total overall loss following for example a Road traffic accident you are protected for total loss at the other end!


As a fully insured client, you will be able to submit any claim directly against the Insurer, whereas if you only have Standard Liability cover, your claim will have to be made against the mover, you'll also have the right of recourse to the Insurance Ombudsman if a dispute arises, The option of our Removals and Storage Insurance provides you with the peace of mind that your property will be fully protected throughout the entire moving process. Additional charges apply for this option


These days most clients although they may not realise are covered already under their own policy, we find more and more movers sticking with their own insurers as these policies are often suited to their specific requirements, and with a company they know and trust, and of course often already paid for!

Industry Standard
& Code of Practice

We are an award winning company, active members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), the country's leading Trade Association for Removals & Storage. As a member of the BAR, we are regularly inspected to ensure we meet stringent industry standards set out in the BAR code of practice. For full details of the added benefits of moving with a BAR member brings, please take a look at the BAR website,

The Trading Standards Institute monitors the performance of all BAR members, to make sure that they are operating within the BAR Code of Practice and that the Code is working properly in the customers’ interests. You can help by completing the customer satisfaction survey your crew will give you.

Through the hard work and dedication of all the team at RHR, we are pleased to say we have also been awarded 7 Industry Quality Standards, all of which are detailed below. RHR are one of only a handful of removals firms in the country to achieve such standards, highlighting our commitment to raising standards within the Industry for the benefit of our clients. We were proud to have been awarded the BAR domestic mover of the year 2015, and in the top 3 in 2016, additionally we were also awarded Certificate of Excellence in customer service at the Ayrshire Chamber Business Awards.

Quality Assured British Standard BS EN 12522

Furniture removal activities – designed to protect consumers at every stage of the move, from packing and transport to dealing with disputes. Companies that sign up must meet certain minimum requirements. For example they must provide:

  • Qualified staff, who are punctual, courteous and honest
  • Detailed written quotations that specify the service to be provided
  • Suitable packaging materials, equipment and vehicles
  • The opportunity to check your furniture and effects before and after the move
  • Assistance with compensation procedures in the event of claims for loss or damage

Late key waiver & taking care of waiting time charges

No matter how well prepared you are on move day some things are out of both yours and our control, for instance not being able to gain access to your new property at the agreed completion time.

If your moving team is delayed due to access issues there will often be additional costs for you to consider often as much as £90+vat per hour with many other movers. Most other movers charge this “waiting time” charge from the moment the vehicle is loaded and ready to be emptied or after a specified time within your contract.

At Richard Healey Removals Ltd we only charge once the days done! And our charges are stated clearly within your quotation.

We undertake our moves with well trained experienced crews, taking account of your move needs, following your home survey we will allocate the correct crew for the job! They will work comfortably to have you cleared from your home within the time scale given avoiding charges from the new owners if your move goes over the exchange time.

What's more with our “Fixed rate moves” even when we encounter waiting time we will not charge any additional charges provided the move is completed to your satisfaction and within the fixed hours given such as 9-5pm, should we wait from 12-3pm these three hours will not be charged unless we go past 5pm, and even at that we will only charge you for the hours you use!

Be aware many other movers charge the 3hrs mid-day and you might still be completed by 5pm!! RHR offers a Late Key Waiver that will provide you with peace of mind if there is a delay in access to your new property, and we are required to work out with your fixed rate move times.

Healey's crew will be on site to complete the removal until 8pm or until the crew has used up its hours according to the Working Time Directive. Moving with RHR could save you anything up to a few hundred pounds if things don't go as planned on the day.

Understanding your needs with our free home survey & quotation

Your survey is far more than just arranging a cost for you, its all about you and ensuring your surveyor knows exactly whats needed to make your move day go smoothly, any one can simply give you a cost over the internet or on the phone, will they take note of your expensive Italian leather suite, your grandmothers China tea set and ensure that your crew have all the required protective materials to carry out your move safely!

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